1 – 10 July – Utrecht (NL)

Dear Schweizerische Föderation Europa Cantat (SFEC),

The application period for EuroChoir 2017 in Utrecht (NL) was officially opened at the end of January.
We are happy to tell you the first singers have already registered!

As you know, as ECA-EC Member Organisation, Schweizerische Föderation Europa Cantat (SFEC) has the right to select and send candidates that will be evaluated in priority by the selection committee. This is a chance for you to display the quality of your emerging singers, but also a unique opportunity to reinforce your organisation’s networking with the rest of choral Europe through the upcoming generation. Singers you choose will be your ambassadors, carrying your image and bringing back networking opportunities.

We would like to ask you two things:

1. Reaching out to singers
Please pass along the enclosed document to your member choirs and connected singers, so that they know they’re able to apply (either through you as an ECA-EC member or individually). It is a great experience for the singers, and a great way to improve themselves musically: an ability they take home afterword, along with an extended network of new choral friends.

2. Grouped applications
For singers supported by a member organisation, the EuroChoir organisation team prefers grouped applications, if possible a quartet (SATB), for two reasons: it makes the final selection process quicker for the selection committee, but it also gives you, the ECA-EC member organisation, a chance to prioritize singers before the selection takes place. All singers need to fill out the application form (link below) and add a letter of support from your organisation.

Note: Some member organisations also provide financial support to the candidates they delegate (travel costs and/or participation fees), though this does not condition the selection.
Please also note that all the applications will go through the selection committee that will examine the singers individually and not as a quartet.

Individual singers reaching out to you
It might also happen that singers reach out to you unasked. In this case, your organisation can:
1. try to form a quartet (SATB) from those who contacted you,
2. support them even if you cannot send a quartet,
3. have them apply individually.

In all cases, singers need to apply by filling out the application form, FOUND HERE.

Application deadline
The deadline is set on the 31st of March. Two months should be enough to gather enough singers to make EuroChoir 2017 a success.

About EuroChoir
EuroChoir is an annual project, in a different country each time, where 50 singers from all over Europe come together to learn, make new friends and sing a beautiful programme.

The 2017 edition will be held in the Netherlands, as part of a “3-year-circle about water”. This theme forms the basis of the sung repertoire, and connects three hosting countries: Italy (2016), the Netherlands and Finland (2018). Maria van Nieukerken (NL) and Lorenzo Donati (IT) will be conducting the 2017 session. More information – like participation fees – can be found in the enclosed Information sheet & FAQ, as written by ZIMIHC, the Dutch organisation hosting the project or on www.zimihc.nl/spotlights/zimihcmaatwerk/werk/eurochoir/.

You find attached a document with all the information about the Eurochoir 2017, if you have any further question please write directly to Ruben Timmer ().

Thanks in advance for spreading the information and helping Europe sing with one voice.


European Choral Association - Europa Cantat
Weberstr. 59a
DE 53113 BONN
tel: +49 22 89 12 56 63

To download the Eurochor 2017 Information & FAQ, click here [PDF↘︎]

11th Word Symposium on Choral Music

22nd to 29th July in Barcelona

2017 is the year of the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music that will be held in Barcelona, from 22nd to 29th July. Barcelona is a modern cosmopolitan European city that has every tourist attraction you can imagine, where strolling around the city lets you discover its own history and its very own beaches.

Barcelona is also a cultural city where choral music is a very important ingredient, with hundreds of choirs coming from very diverse spheres and with a wide range of styles.

We are working together with the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) so that the 11th International Symposium of Choral Music will be an unforgettable event. The Symposium has as its slogan: “The Colours of Peace”. The colours symbolise the diversity of international choral life in the building of a world at peace. The Symposium wants to give you a new opportunity for this noble goal.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

For more Informations click here!

10. Schweizerischer Chorwettbewerb

Aarau, 28. und 29. Oktober 2017

Der 10. Schweizerische Chorwettbewerb findet bereits zum zweiten Mal in Aarau statt. Er wurde für ambitionierte Gesangvereine geschaffen, die sich gerne an Wettbewerben messen. Die Schweizerische Chorvereinigung möchte mit diesem Wettbewerb die aktuelle schweizerische Chorszene darstellen, Anregungen zur Entwicklung der Chorkultur in der Schweiz vermitteln und das Ansehens des Chorgesangs in der Schweiz fördern.
Reservieren Sie sich schon heute den 28. und 29. Oktober 2017. Anmelden können Sie sich ab sofort.